Picture yourself on the journey of a lifetime...
People need a break from the stresses of everyday life and this is what we offer at Gokpinar.
At our retreat in the mountains we offer a life that is far from the stresses of daily life.
We wake up in the mornings on a mountaintop offering fresh air, tranquility, the quiet sounds of
wild bird life and the smells of a great breakfast.  
We eat vegetables organically grown in our own garden, we bake and eat our own bread.

As a person who has been in the travel business and guiding for nearly 20 years we understand
people need peace in their life as much as they need to see different places.
What we provide is something off the beaten touristic path. A simple sufi life with peace.
Turkey is a country with very old roots and has a culture which is becoming harder to authentically
experience in the highly trafficked tourist spots. We have set up Gokpinar retreat 10 years ago for
people who still desire to experience Turkey as the Turkish do; in their homes, villages,
We do host a maximum of 12 people at any one time because small numbers allow more authentic

Gokpinar is a place for people who need to listen to themselves, for people who want to come to
themselves, for people who need space. The nearest crowded tourist town is 30 minutes drive
from us and a world away from our daily lives.
We are not a hotel!  We are not a camping site!  We are a rustic mountain turkish country side
village home and we are your Turkish friends hoping to welcome and provide warm hospitality to
you. We provide simple, clean accommodations, hot showers, clean sheets and clean hearts. You
can expect to share our food, our music, our dance and our life.
If you want to relax, share your thoughts with open-minded and open-hearted people, and
experience the Turkey of farmers, children, craftsmen and villagers then are waiting for you in
We are  people living close to a rural Turkish village in a home designed to welcome guests and
provide relaxing spaces and experiences. We dance, play traditonal and sufi music, enjoy picnics in
secluded bays of the Aegean coast, and stay far away from traffic .
In this relaxing atmosphere we have time to listen to each other, and we will find solutions for
ourselves. There are no sessions but there is the life itself. You will  definitely not feel alone.

Come experience the unique style, the music, the taste, the laughter of life in Turkey.

You are invited to Gokpinar where sufism comes to your heart from !
3 nights 4 days Gokpinar stay includes
Airport transfers from Bodrum
international airport
All accomodation
All meals(breakfast,luch,dinner)
All day free tea coffee service
Sufi and turkish folk rhythm classes
Trips to nearby villages and beaches

The cost is
550 USD per person
7 nights 8 days Gokpinar stay includes
Airport transfers from Bodrum
international airport
All accomodation
All meals(breakfast,luch,dinner)
All day free tea coffee service
Sufi and turkish folk rhythm classes
Trips to nearby villages and beaches
The cost is
1050 USD per person
For bookings you can send some deposit (you can choose the amount) via paypal or credit card mail order payments.
The rest you can pay upon arrival.Please contact us at

Travel information to Gokpinar
There are everyday flights to Bodrum from Istanbul.If you like additional days in istanbul we can arrange your domestic flights,hotel and airport
transfers in Istanbul at budget costs.Please ask for details.
Airline fly from Istanbul Bodrum
Our comfortable, airy guest rooms have great views of the countryside.
We decorated in Turkish style, with  kilims created locally covering our floors and walls.
Double and single beds are available.  We invite you to stay with us at Gokpinar Retreat Center,  
a place with the special, warm welcome of Turkish hospitality!
Caravanturkey Cultural Center in Gokpinar
Gokpinar Retreat Center is located on the Aegean Coast of TURKEY.  
We are located on a hilltop, surrounded by gorgeous views of rolling countryside & a traditional
Turkish village.
The Center is twenty minutes' drive from Bodrum International Airport, & we are only 15 minutes
drive from some of the best beaches of the area .
Distances between
Gokpinar & the nearest sites:

Bodrum airport : 20km
Bodrum city center : 38km
Guvercinlik beach : 13km
Iassos : 40 km
Euromos : 42km
Didyma : 120km
Ephesus : 180km
Istanbul : 1 hour flight
Recommended by
Lonely Planet
page 654
Olive trees are the main source of income in our village.  Every October, we collect olives &
use the traditional ways to make pure, delicious olive oil.  Green olives are also prepared here
for eating .
Bread is baked by our women and
cooked on wood fires.
Gokpinar does not produce its own wine, but there are very nice regional wines available
from nearby Aegean villages .  Turkey is also famous for Raki, an anise-flavored liquor that
will give you another taste of our culture.
Because Gokpinar is surrounded by scented pine woods, our village produces honey that
is naturally dark and richly flavoured.  Perfect for breakfast or as a snack with cay
(delicious, traditional Turkish tea)!
Everyone will enjoy the many kinds of organic vegetables we grow in our own garden.
Some of our guests choose to relax by gardening with us!  Afterwards, there is always the
chance to pick fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, corn, beans, squash, melons, & other fruit.
 We have several kinds of fruit trees, and water melon is a refreshing treat for us all summer!
One of the most enjoyable aspects of any foreign travel is the food!
Turkish cuisine brings you rich flavours and the wonderful smells & colours of fresh foods to
delight your senses, body and soul.
Turkish culture is thousands of years old, and we are the crossroads for some of the most
exotic, powerful, and wealthy lands in human history.  Here, history mixes with the culture of
our nomadic ancestors and the result is a unique, fascinating holiday.  You will find a
delightful, unforgettable experience waiting for you.      
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