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Distances between
Caravanturkey & the nearest sites

(Airport Code: BJV)Bodrum airport :
Bodrum city center : 38km
Guvercinlik beach : 13km
Iassos : 40 km
Euromos : 42km
Didyma : 120km
Ephesus : 180km
Pamukkale : 220km
Istanbul : 45 minutes flight
Caravanturkey Cultural Center is located on the Aegean Coast of TURKEY.  
We are located on a hilltop, surrounded by gorgeous views of rolling countryside & a traditional Turkish village.
The Center is twenty minutes' drive from Bodrum International Airport, & we are only 15 minutes drive from some of the best
beaches of the area .
       EUROMOS (45 km)                             BODRUM -- Halicarnassus (30 km)       
Located between the city of Milas and
lovely Bafa Lake, Euromos Temple is
known to be one of the best-preserved
temples in Asia Minor.  It was built in the
2nd century A.D. & was believed to be
completed ever.(45km)
Herodotus, the "Father of History", was born in
Halicarnassus.   During the reign of Artemisia II, two
memorable feats were accomplished.  One was the
construction of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient
World, the Tomb of King Mausolus (from which we
derived our word 'mausoleum'). The second feat was the
success of a brilliant battle plan rivaling that of Artemisia
Today, BODRUM is one of the most popular destinations in
the world, known for its beaches, history and nightlife.
PRIENE                               MILETOS                      DIDYMA (Apollonian Temple)
This temple was famous throughout
the Greek world for its oracles, such
that it surpassed even the reputation
of Delphi.
The harbor of Panamos, near Didyma,
became very busy.  Frequently
visited by scores of military
commanders, common folk & the
wealthy, visitors flocked to this area
to learn their future from the priests
of the temple.
The name "Priene" is thought to
have pre-Grecian origins, dating
from when the Cretan islands,
''Praisos and Prianson" had relations
with Priene.  Prior to becoming one
of the 12 members of the Ionian
Confederation and participating in
the "Ionian Rebellion," Priene had
been under Lydian dominion for
several centuries.
Miletos, one of the oldest cities of
IoniaIt, was also a city of many
scientists & philosophers, such as
Thales, Anaximander, Hekataios
(principle source to Herodotos) and
closer to us, Isidorus, the architect of
Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. Miletos'
alphabet was recognized in the Greek
world as the official Greek alphabet,
which is the basis of the current Latin
  Bodrum Peninsula  
 IASSOS (35km)                          EPHESUS (180km)                   PAMUKKALE (220km)
Hierapolis was famous for its thermal
springs.  Frequented by people from
nearby cities & Laodicea (an ancient
site established before Hierapolis),
its waters' properties were known for
 curing numerous illnesses.
From the time of 3 BC, the fame of
Hierapolis increased continually,
leading to migrations which began
locally and increased as its popularity
rivalled the city of Laodicea.
Ephesus, once the most important
commercial center of  Western
Anatolia, is now one of the
highlights for tourists exploring
This city was established as a port
on the mouth of the river Cayster
and was one of the world's
foremost cities, prized for its
location on a strategic Anatolian
trade route.
Its significance in the history of
world religion is rich and
indisputable, attracting thousands
of travelers yearly.
As one of the most important site of the
region of Caria, the history of Iasos
dates back to 3000 BC. Once situated
on an island, the city is now joined to
the mainland, creating a peninsula. The
people of ancient Iasos made most  of
their money from fishing, a tradition
that continues to this day.
Apollo & Artemis were the protecting
god & goddess of Iasos.
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