One of the most enjoyable aspects of any foreign travel is the food!
Turkish cuisine brings you rich flavours and the wonderful smells & colours of fresh foods to delight your senses, body and soul.

Caravanturkey Cultural center is surrounded by scented pine woods, our village produces honey that is naturally dark and richly
flavoured.  Perfect for breakfast or as a snack with cay (delicious, traditional Turkish tea)!

Everyone will enjoy the many kinds of organic vegetables we grow in our own garden.
Some of our guests choose to relax by gardening with us!  Afterwards, there is always the chance to pick fresh tomatoes,
cucumbers, onions, corn, beans, squash, melons, & other fruit.  We have several kinds of fruit trees, and water melon is a
refreshing treat for us all summer!
Sorry, but we do not have hamburgers in Gokpinar!!   But we use beef, chicken, fish and lamb in our wonderful Turkish
cuisine. Vegetarians are not the only ones happy here!
Olive trees are the main source of income in our village.  Every October, we collect olives & use the
traditional ways to make pure, delicious olive oil.  Green olives are also prepared here for eating .
We do not produce its own wine, but there are very nice regional wines available from nearby
Aegean villages .  Turkey is also famous for Raki, an anise-flavored liquor that will give you another
taste of our culture.
Turkish culture is thousands of years old, and we are the crossroads for some of the most exotic,
powerful, and wealthy lands in human history.  Here, history mixes with the culture of our nomadic
ancestors and the result is a unique, fascinating holiday.  You will find a delightful, unforgettable
experience waiting for you.      
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Ancient olive trees in Gokpinar Village!